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T-2301 2-tone Raglan Pullover (cashew ver.)

This is the spring/summer version of the popular series that is fun to knit and wear. This year, we focused on the original thread “Cashew” from the yarn shop Sairi in Gifu. Cashew is a yarn that is made by twisting a blend of silk and cotton, and the yarn that is aligned is a cute yarn with a refreshing expression that uses Japanese paper as mole. The knitted fabric is knitted on the front, so is it the third one for beginners? I think it's perfect for the challenge.

T-2301 2-tone Raglan Pullover (cashew ver.)

Sales Tax Included
  • Length 59.5cm, Width 54cm, Sleeve length 72cm

  • 37% silk, 31% cotton, 16% unclassified fiber (Japanese paper), 16% nylon

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